We’re pleased to let our community know that airdrop 6 is minted and live !

▶Remember to use the correct airdrop number parameter (6) when generating your Phore airdrop file
▶For airdrop 6, you can verify your projected amount on the Pre-Airdrop Summary screen and redeem them
▶For anyone still having issues, please feel free to make a ticket here. We will attend to this and troubleshoot the problem

We are aware some users are still getting errors when trying to redeem airdrops, particularly those who are getting high BNB fee estimates (which usually indicates there would be an error if the redemption was attempted). The process to resolve those issues requires manual verification of your addresses, balances and airdrop redemption status. This is time consuming on our side — we appreciate your patience as we work through that process for each affected user.




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