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Airdrop Details

Graphene is set to launch soon and all GFN will be distributed via airdrop to Phore holders, There will be no private sale or additional pre-mine. This is the only way to receive Graphene upon launch.

In order to qualify for the airdrop, users must hold Phore (PHR) in their own wallet at the time of the Blockchain Snapshots — there will be 6 of these in total.

Alternatively, users can store PHR on external wallets/exchanges, and will still receive the airdrop, providing the wallet/exchange support it. …

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Blockchain technology has the capacity to revolutionize nearly every industry on earth. While cryptocurrency was the first application of blockchain technology — revolutionizing the financial sector of the economy — research conducted by computer giant IBM says that blockchain technology can fundamentally change everything from supply chain management to government, telecom, travel, insurance, entertainment, and more. Blockchain technology’s fundamental design is as an immutable store of data, which can be used for a wide array of transactions.

Smart Contracts

We’ve just established that blockchain technology is useful for storing data of all types. What if the data stored in a block is…

Graphene is a next-generation Blockchain architecture that makes use of the CASPER staking consensus protocol, being developed by the Phore Blockchain team. The architecture is currently in late-stage development and is written in Go.

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Airdrop Information

Graphene will be airdropped to Phore (PHR) holders. There is no other way to receive Graphene (GFN) tokens upon initial distribution.

In order to receive Graphene (GFN) tokens, you MUST hold Phore (PHR) tokens in either your personal Phore wallet or exchange/third party wallet (which supports the airdrop) at the time of the Blockchain snapshot.

A list of exchanges/other third parties supporting the airdrop will be…

The most advanced & scalable Blockchain in the world!

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What is Graphene?

With the potential capacity to process over 100,000 transactions per second, Graphene is a revolutionary Blockchain architecture which makes use of sharding technology and the CASPER consensus protocol. The architecture has been developed using the modern programming language ‘Go’.

Having the ability to support high-performance execution of Turing-complete smart contracts, Graphene can support complex decentralized applications (dApps), business models, and allow the creation of customized shards that are optimized for different use cases, while allowing full interoperability between shards. The potential use cases for Graphene are limitless.


Scalable sharding Blockchain written in Go. Smart Contracts, Dapps, DeFi. Interoperable. Customized shards optimized for different use cases. Do it all.

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