Graphene Airdrop Update #2

4 min readJan 21, 2022


This is an update on our progress resolving the issues some Phore users have reported while redeeming their Graphene airdrops. The majority of Phore users for the first three airdrops have been able to do their redemptions successfully, but a number of users have come to us reporting difficulty in completing their redemptions, and as previously announced, we decided to wait on releasing the remaining airdrops while we work to resolve those issues.

In our follow up with these users, we have determined three patterns in the types of issues they have been seeing:

1.High BNB fee / error warning. Some were seeing a warning that the redemption transaction was likely to have an error, and in that case it was also showing that an abnormally large BNB fee would potentially be charged for the transaction (e.g., 0.7 BNB).

2.Incorrect GFN amount. Some users reported that the airdrop system was showing that their redemption would not be the expected amount of GFN tokens based on the amount of PHR they were holding at the time of the corresponding snapshot.

3.Error generating airdrop proof file. Some users reported they were getting an error when they tried to generate the airdrop proof file in their Phore wallet.

We have been working to determine the root cause and help resolve all of these issues for the affected users. In some cases, we have been able to resolve them–for example, in some cases the user was not entering the proper airdrop number, and when that is done, the first error above occurs, and recreating the airdrop proof file with the correct airdrop number resolves the issue. However, there still remains several open issues that we are still working on resolving.

For the high BNB fee error, we are developing some tools to give us more information about the status of each individual redemption–the data we need is there on the blockchain, but we need better tools to be able to access it and use it to help determine what is going wrong for each individual case. If you are experiencing this issue, we may also be following up with you to guide you through attempting the transaction (without paying such a large fee) so that we can gather further diagnostic information–unfortunately seeing the warning does not tell us what the error is, so we may need to attempt some of these redemptions to gather the actual error so that we can troubleshoot the cause.

For the incorrect GFN amount issue, we have verified that while the redemption amounts are correct for most users, the redemptions for a small number of PHR addresses are not set up to give the correct amount of GFN tokens. This issue is probably the most time consuming to deal with. As background, the snapshots used for the airdrops are created using an Insight explorer–we set up a wallet with the latest block being the snapshot block, and then let the Insight explorer “ingest” and process the information so that we can then extract all of the balances, and even on a relatively large server, that process takes several days for each snapshot. To comprehensively fix this issue for all addresses, we will need to repeat this process for each airdrop, verify that it matches what was expected including (but not limited to) all of the currently reported issues of this type, and then update the airdrop smart contracts with the corrected balances. When we have the process completed, we will be following up with each affected user to have you verify that the balances are now what was expected, and that they have been able to complete their first three airdrop transactions.

For the users having trouble generating the airdrop proof files, for those we have not already assisted, we will be following up individually with each affected user. Through our investigations to date, it appears that the error is indicating the user does not have file creation permission to create a file in the location specified in the makeairdropfile command. This may not be an accurate description of what is happening, but since this is only happening for a few users, we strongly suspect this has something to do with the user’s system or configuration. For those we have not already assisted with this, we will follow up with each affected user to find a solution.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the remainder of this process. We have heard the community’s feedback and agree that it would provide a fairer overall airdrop process to resolve these issues before moving forward with the remaining airdrops. Our team is committed to helping each Phore user get the proper amount of GFN tokens they were supposed to receive, and we will continue working on the issues every day until it is completed.




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