Graphene Airdrop Update #4

4 min readApr 5, 2022


We have made significant progress towards correcting the issues some Phore users have had redeeming Graphene airdrops, and this provides an update with more information about that progress and the work remaining to complete the Graphene airdrop redemptions.

The main challenge that has been the most time consuming has been generating and verifying accurate snapshots for all six airdrops. The method we originally used to create the snapshots was time consuming–it would take a week or more for the Insight server we had set up to process the blockchain data and create each snapshot, and once we realized there were some inaccuracies, we tried regenerating them and there were still inaccuracies, so we had to find another method. Verifying the snapshot data was also largely a manual process, which is both hard to be certain of its accuracy and also time consuming–based on our current data there are 10,951 unique PHR addresses that had balances on at least one of the snapshots.

We worked hard on alternative methods for generating the snapshots, several of which did not work for a variety of reasons, but in the end I’m happy to say we think we now have accurate snapshots. I want to thank several members of the Phore and Graphene communities for helping us with verification, as that both helped speed up the process and helped us identify issues that we believe now have been corrected.

For transparency, I have created a Google Sheet showing the latest PHR balances, and if you are interested, you are welcome to check your own addresses for accuracy and let us know by opening a ticket with TicketTool in the Phore Discord if you find any balances you believe are incorrect. You can see that Google Sheet here. To minimize any confusion, a few notes:

  • The balances are the PHR balances as of the snapshot blocks–the GFN token allocations for a specific airdrop can be estimated by multiplying these numbers by 1.666, which reflects the intended allocation of 10 GFN tokens for balances held across all six snapshots
  • The first tab titled ‘Snapshots — All’ has a summary of the PHR balances for all six snapshots, sorted based on the sum of the balances across all snapshots, in descending order
  • There are also individual tabs for each snapshot, sorted alphabetically by address
  • As previously stated, any addresses belonging to third-party services (such as exchanges) that have stopped providing services to the Phore community will be excluded–the data in these tabs do not currently reflect those exclusions, but will be removed before any GFN smart contracts are updated
  • For reference, the blocks used for the snapshots are as follows:

Snapshot 1 — Block 1,817,125
Snapshot 2 — Block 1,856,572
Snapshot 3 — Block 1,896,008
Snapshot 4 — Block 1,935,435
Snapshot 5 — Block 1,971,468
Snapshot 6 — Block 1,999,951

To correct the inaccurate redemptions in airdrops 1–3, we are planning to adjust the remaining airdrops (primarily airdrop 4) so that each user can redeem the correct amount of GFN tokens.

In at least one case, we have verified that a user was not able to redeem their tokens, despite the blockchain data reporting their address as having been redeemed for that airdrop. To correct cases like that, where we have been able to verify this occurred, we will manually adjust airdrop 4 to correct the issue. While that type of issue seems to be rare, to address any future issues that may be reported with the remaining airdrops, we are planning to mint an additional amount of GFN tokens, which will be used only for correcting verified issues of not being able to redeem tokens, and the same number of tokens will be burned after the redemption period has ended, along with any other tokens that were not redeemed. We will publish the minted amount and address and holding these tokens for full transparency once they are redeemed by our team. The end of the redemption period has not been finalized–we will provide at least 2 months advance notice in the Phore and Graphene Discord and Telegram channels before stopping the redemptions.

In our investigations helping a few users having problems generating airdrop proof files, it appears that most users were able to find a solution or workaround to generate the files. If you are still having issues generating airdrop proof files in your Phore wallet, please let us know using TicketTool in the Phore Discord and we will help you determine a way forward.

From this point forward, we will allow some time for the community to review the snapshot data and let us know if you find anything that needs to be corrected, and in parallel with that we are working on updating the smart contracts as outlined above–we have already created a script to convert this data into the correct merkle tree format used by the BSC smart contracts, and we will be adjusting airdrop 4 token allocations based on the differences between the actual and intended GFN token allocations for airdrops 1–3, as well as updating airdrops 5 and 6 to have accurate balances based on these latest snapshots. Once we are confident there are no significant remaining issues, we will deploy the new smart contracts, and move forward with activating the remaining airdrop redemptions.

As always, we appreciate the patience, support, and understanding from this amazing community whilst we have been working through these issues. This process has been extremely frustrating for everybody involved, and we now have light at the end of the tunnel. We are striving to ensure the remaining airdrop redemptions go smoothly and provide accurate overall token allocations.




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