Graphene Roadmap

2 min readNov 7, 2021


Hello community!

We’ve been working extremely hard over the past week to get you guys the information you need to see Graphene in all its glory!

We’re extremely proud to inform everyone that we’ve been able to deliver on the thing most demanded by the community — the official Graphene roadmap!

This roadmap outlines our plans for developing Graphene and gives an outline of the route we will be taking to achieve success on the scale you guys all expect!

The roadmap is broken down into 4 Phases with each Phase representing a number of targets which will be achieved by us — you can see the full roadmap below.

Graphene Roadmap

Phase 1
-Graphene Token Development on BSC
-CMC Listing
-Pancakeswap listing
-CoinGecko listing
-Stakecube listing
-CoinSniper… etc Listings
-Graphene Website Launched
-Graphene Socials Launched
-Litepaper Released

Phase 2
-Release Smart Contract Audit
-Airdrop Dates Finalized
-Mass Marketing Campaigns (including partnerships and collaborations with crypto-media outlets and Youtube channels)
-Airdrop Completion
-Additional Liquidity Added
-Ambassador program

Phase 3
-Token Burn/Token Allocation to Treasure (using GFN from unclaimed airdrops-pending community approval)
-Partnerships and Collaborations (specifically with Businesses and Projects intending to build on Graphene Mainnet)
-Completion of Front-End (wallet)
-Mainstream Marketing

Phase 4
-Scalability Testing
-Security Testing
-Code Audit
-Exchange Listings
-Graphene Developer SDK Released
Graphene DApp Program




Scalable sharding Blockchain written in Go. Smart Contracts, Dapps, DeFi. Interoperable. Customized shards optimized for different use cases. Do it all.