Thunder Roadmap

4 min readDec 2, 2022


Thunder is an initiative by the Graphene team, intended to encourage (through teamwork and community) and incentivize (via Cryptocurrency rewards) user participation in the marketing development of Graphene with the end goal of creating the first and only decentralized Marketing team in the world!

Although Thunder is intended to be a completely decentralized marketing initiative, we acknowledge the fact that unless guidance is provided from the outset, Thunder may not have the impact desired by the project and its users. It is imperative that the system has the correct foundations for longevity and will remain stable in its decentralized state. This means protective measures have been put in place to ensure that Thunder is not gamed by colluders. The Graphene team will oversee and manage the early stages of this initiative and will withdraw slowly, over different phases with the end result being a completely decentralized and self-sustaining entity.

There will be 4 Phases of Thunder in total.


*Graphene team overseeing*

An initial Marketing Budget of 500,000 GFN is allocated*

- Marketing Manager onboarded (Cryptokingxy) to provide direction and assistance
- Media content shared internally.
- Members are required to fulfill a minimum number of weekly tasks to promote Graphene
- Key socials include Telegram, Twitter, Reddit & Bitcointalk
- Channels opened up between THUNDER and Designers for members to request additional media content as frequently as needed(approved via Graphene team)
Target number of members: 30

*500,000 GFN represents an initial budget, this will be added to over time by the team providing there are reasonable requests made for its use.
Anybody within Thunder may request the use of some (or all) of this budget for Marketing purposes. These requests will be discussed within the Thunder community and will require approval from the Graphene team.

SECOND Phase — Q1 2023

*Graphene team starts to withdraw oversight*

Panel of Overseers

Within Phase 2, you will see the creation of a Panel of Overseers* (10 Members). This will consist of SEVEN (7) Members from Thunder and THREE (3) Members of the Graphene team. The Panel of Overseers will:

- Provide encouragement and motivation for Thunder participants
- Ensure members are producing the required materials & results
- Decide on which platforms to focus Thunder efforts upon
- Assist in the recruitment of new members
- Help Thunder members grow their social media followings

Members of Thunder will vote for the SEVEN (7) Thunder members who are to become part of the Panel of Overseers via an anonymous voting process.

The Panel of Overseers will be allocated a Marketing Budget** each month to spend as they deem fit. This marketing budget will increase in the THIRD Phase.***

- Key socials expanded to include Facebook, Discord…etc
- Media content requests no longer need Graphene team approval. An internal voting mechanism will be implemented for Thunder members to judge the merit of the design request.

Target Number of Members: 50

*[Within Phase 2 only] The Graphene team has the right to remove any member from the Panel of Overseers if they are seen to be abusing the roll.
**Overseers Marketing budget allocation will require final approval from the Graphene team within Phase 2 (in order to prevent misuse and collusion).
***Overseers Marketing budget is in addition to the 500,000 GFN allocated to Thunder.

THIRD Phase — Q1/Q2 2023

*Graphene team continues withdrawal*

Potential Restructing

Within Phase 3, the Panel of Overseers will undergo a review from the Thunder members and the Graphene team. The original Panel will either remain the same or be restructured in accordance with the review. Additional reviews will be done from time to time to allow the fluidity needed for success.

The Graphene team will reduce its member count within the Panel of Overseers, new members may be elected from the Thunder community as replacements, or else the Panel will be reduced in numbers — this will be decided by the Thunder community.

The duties of this panel will be the same as the Panel above with the addition of:

- The Panel now has the autonomy to negotiate deals with third parties.
- A process is in place so Thunder members are able to call a vote to remove Panel members or add new ones.

The Panel of Overseers will be allocated more Marketing Budget with full control over the use of these funds without the need for external approval from the Graphene team.

- Further expansion of social reach and activities across all platforms.
- A seamless process is in place for the production of new marketing materials (imagery and video).
- Thunder will have Live monthly calls with the Graphene team for progress updates and to share ideas.

A “Member output” weighting system* is determined for use in Phase 4.

Target Number of Members: 100

*More information on the “Member output” weighting system can be found in the following article.


*Graphene team no longer plays an official roll in Thunder. Thunder is completely decentralized.*

Thunder becomes a completely Decentralized entity.

- Mainnet is live and a Decentralized Budget system is in place. A portion of the budget is received by Thunder each cycle, ensuring Thunder is a self-sustaining evermore.
- Mechanisms are in place for members to have the ability to create proposals.
- Proposals can include those for funding, structure…etc
- The previously mentioned “Member output” weighting system provides a fair and true environment for Thunder members, eliminating the possibility of any collusion or abuse of the system.
-Members will guide the Decentralized Marketing team that is Thunder and therefore will assist in shaping Graphene as a project.
- Members review other members in a decentralized and anonymous way, giving feedback and assisting each other.





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